Lennie Tristano
Memorial Concert   (JR3LP) 
Connie Crothers, introduction
Liz Gorrill, piano and voice
Fran Canisius, solo flute
Fran Canisius, flute
Liz Gorrill, piano
Lloyd Lifton, piano
Murray Wall, bass
Sheila Jordan, voice
Harold Danko, piano
Cameron Brown, bass
Lou Grassi, drums
Virg Dzurinko, solo piano
Larry Meyer, solo guitar

Lenny Popkin, tenor saxophone
Peter Scattaretico, drums
Stan Fortuna, bass
Sal Mosca, piano
Nomi Rosen, solo flute
Nomi Rosen, flute
Connie Crothers, piano
Warne Marsh, tenor saxophone
Eddie Gomez, bass
Peter Scattaretico, drums
Lynn Anderson, solo voice
Liz Gorrill, piano and voice
Max Roach, solo drums*
A memorial concert for 
Lennie Tristano.

41 selections on 5 LPs.
Available as 5 LP box set.
Recorded at Town Hall, New York City on January 28, 1979.

* This track was recorded on January 29, 1980 for inclusion in this album.